Small Business and Individual Tax Services

Our firm offers professional preparation of all federal, state, and local tax returns at competitive, affordable rates.We continuously monitor federal, state, and local tax law changes to allow our clients to minimize current and future tax liabilities. If necessary, we can implement tailor-made due-date tax compliance monitoring systems to prevent costly interest and penalty assessments attributable to late filing. Of course, we offer full tax preparation and filing services.

  • Tax prep in NJ
  • IRS Problems
  • IRS Back Taxes
  • NJ and other state Back Taxes
  • IRS Problem Resolution and E-file
  • Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Personal, Corporate, Estate, Trust, Non Profit and Partnership Returns prepared

Full Tax Services

  • Individual Taxes
  • We specialize in preparing your taxes quickly and painlessly, and will ensure you receive all the deductions you are entitled to. We are always available to help you with your tax planning needs to help you lower your taxes and avoid surprises during the tax season. And in order to speed your refund, we can file your return electronically to the IRS and state tax boards.

  • IRS And State/Local Representation
  • Our firm knows the tax laws, and we know how your tax return was prepared. We can provide complete representation services before the IRS as well estate and local taxing authorities. We are also experienced in negotiating Offers in Compromise with the IRS.

  • Estate, Gift And Trust Tax Return Preparation
  • Our firm provides expert preparation of federal and state estate, gift, and trust tax returns. We endeavor at all times to protect your heirs from the unneeded emotional devastation that can be caused by estate tax levies. We are also available to advise you in your estate planning needs, including business succession plans and gifting strategies.

Specialized Business Tax Services

Setting Up Your Business Correctly

LLC, s-corporation, c-corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship? Setting up your business the wrong way can cost you thousands of dollars. Setting up your business the right way can save you thousands of dollars. We offer a free consultation on the pros and cons of each and help you determine the best business set-up for you.

  • We can then help you incorporate your business or establish your LLC.

Back Taxes

We will help organize and collect your tax information and file your back tax returns

  • We will then negotiate with the IRS to help settle the balances due

Tax Planning

  • Tax planning starts with us understanding your long-and-short-term business goals and then mapping out a tax strategy out for you.
  • Tax saving can come in many different formats such as just coordinating your life events to happen in the same year or scheduling out tax deductible expenditures.
  • We can look at high level tax planning and strategize to ensure you are benefitting from all of the deduction for which your business qualifies. Don’t leave money on the table!!