How It Works

Making Better Business Decisions Through Customized Services with Our Gold Plan

Moving from a startup company to an established business is an accomplishment for a business of any size. Mature businesses, those that are five to twenty years old, have increasing challenges in making better business decisions to allow them to continue to thrive and grow in their industry.

At Daniel P. Vigilante CPA’s & Profitability Consultants, we provide small business accounting services to meet industry standard tax practices across all business types and industries. Our extensive experience in helping growing companies to maintain books and accounting services, to analyze information and to tackle industry specific challenges makes us the accounting service to have on your business team.

Services Provided for Our Clients

We can fully customize our approach to small business accounting services to meet the needs of our clients. With our Gold Plan, clients will enjoy all the services of the Silver Plan with the addition of full business accounting.

We provide your business with industry comparison results, ensure all compliance needs are met, work with your team on budgeting and financial projections as well as financing and loan assistance for business growth and market development.

Through your own dedicated accounts manager, your business has access to unlimited phone advice and strategic business planning services, allowing the leadership team to make better business decisions for the realization of short and long-term goals and objectives.

Our clients also use our services to help maximize tax deductions and credits, to understand options with health care costs for your employees, to coordinate retirement savings for employees or to complete financial projects for the company. Our team of dedicated CPAs has specific industry experience, providing full analysis and reporting to help you to make the most informed decisions moving forward.

Business Accounting

Services Provided

  • All of the services in our Silver Plan
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Year end tax returns, corporate and personal
  • Industry comparison reports
  • Budgeting
  • Financial projections
  • Financing and loan assistance
  • Strategic business planning
  • Unlimited phone advice

Who It’s For

How to identify if this program is a good fit for your business.

  • You are concerned that you have been paying too much in taxes
  • You have concerns and questions about health care benefits for your employees
  • You are unsure about how to provide retirement benefits
  • Your business doesn’t have cash reserves (i.e. no “rainy day” fund)
  • You are interested in securing a line of credit or other type of financing

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Ongoing financial guidance on a regular basis provides a strong foundation on which the business will flourish even further.


“Ongoing financial guidance on a regular basis provides a strong foundation on which the business will flourish even further”