How It Works

Setting A Solid Business Foundation with Our Bookkeeping Service

The first few years of operation and specifically the first 5 years for a small business is a critical period. Using the Silver Plan offered at Daniel P. Vigilante CPA’s & Profitability Consultants a small business can take advantage of our real-time bookkeeping services and financial services to assist with annual tax planning and bookkeeping and accounting services.

The Benefits of Our Bookkeeping Service

Our bookkeeping service includes the support of our certified QuickBooks Pro advisor. The professional sets up the QuickBooks program for your business and then offers training for staff to learn to use the software. By using the software correctly, errors can be avoided, and the bookkeeping company is not required to spend time in correcting entries.

In addition, by having our team work with your company, we can help to limit the tax liability of the business. Advanced planning for taxation saves your company money on an annual basis in increasing tax deductions and the use of applicable business tax credits.

We work with startup companies across all industries. Our expertise and experience allow us to provide advice and consultation services to small business owners with less than a million dollars in revenue and fewer than five employees. Through our consulting services, we help you to structure your business finances correctly and to develop a solid business financial plan for growth and efficiency.

Often, small startup companies need assistance in planning how to hire new employees, how to address the business costs, and in taking advantages of tax incentives and business practices to decrease business tax liability. If this sounds like your business, contact our team today to get started with a foundational financial plan.

Real Time Bookkeeping

Services Provided

  • Year end tax returns, corporate and personal
  • Phone advice
  • Annual tax planning
  • Bookkeeping and accounting

Who It’s For

How to identify if this program is a good fit for your business.

  • You find you have fallen behind on some bills
  • You are not sure how you will be able to cover some hard costs
  • You haven’t determined yet how you will be able to take home a salary
  • You believe you are paying too much in taxes
  • You want to hire a staff, but you’re unsure how you will be able to afford it

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Ongoing financial guidance on a regular basis provides a strong foundation on which the business will flourish even further.


“Ongoing financial guidance on a regular basis provides a strong foundation on which the business will flourish even further”